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Johnny Barker has an impressive range of experience including TV shows, commercials and music videos. His most recent work includes directing an international ensemble cast for the currently screening TV3 romcom, "Homebound 3.0." 


Johnny navigates the comedy genre with finesse, and has also directed three seasons of the hit show "Jono and Ben", season one of "Funny Girls" and "Abandonment Issues," showcasing his resourcefulness and ability to create remarkable production values with minimal resources and budget. 


Throughout his career, Johnny Barker has had extensive experience working with children - understanding their unique perspectives and bringing out their natural talent on screen. His ability to connect with young actors, drawing upon his own experiences as an actor ("Shortland Street", "Go Girls", "Mean Mums", "Brokenwood Mysteries", "The Locals") and creating a comfortable environment for them to thrive has been instrumental in capturing genuine and memorable performances. Whether it's in adventurous coming-of-age stories ("Nia's Extraordinary Life") or heartwarming TV commercials for the likes of The Warehouse and Fonterra, Johnny has demonstrated a remarkable knack for guiding young talent and extracting their best performances.


Johnny's talent and speed have been refined through his participation in multiple 48 Hour Film Festivals. His exceptional abilities were recognized as he won the 48 Hour Film Festival twice, with one of his films even selected by the renowned Peter Jackson and Egar Wright as a 'wildcard' entry, further solidifying Johnny's reputation as a director with exceptional storytelling abilities and the talent to deliver outstanding results under demanding circumstances.

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